African Nations Advocate for Fair and Inclusive Representation in UN Security Council Reform Discussions

H.E. Dr. Michael Imran Kanu, Ambassador & Permanent Representative of Sierra Leone to the United Nations, delivered a powerful statement on behalf of the African Union Member States today during the second meeting of the Intergovernmental Negotiations on Security Council reform.

In a bold move, Amb. Kanu emphasized Africa’s pressing demand for fair representation in both the Permanent and Non-permanent categories of the UN Security Council. Addressing the historical injustice faced by the continent, he stressed the urgent need to rectify the imbalance that Africa has long endured.

Rejecting Mexico’s proposal, which falls short of Africa’s expectations, Amb. Kanu reiterated Africa’s stance for not less than two permanent seats and two additional non-permanent seats allocated to the continent. He called for a veto-free Council or, alternatively, extending the veto to new Permanent Members to ensure justice and equality.

Furthermore, Africa expressed appreciation for proposals to strengthen the Security Council’s working methods and relationship with the General Assembly. However, Amb. Kanu emphasized the importance of reflecting the Common African Position, which has garnered broad support among member states.

As discussions continue at the UN, Africa’s call for equitable representation echoes loud and clear, resonating with the Secretary-General’s plea for institutions to reflect today’s world.

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