The Republic of Sierra Leone was admitted to the United Nations as its 100 th member State on 27 September 1961, following the attainment of independence on 27 April 1961. The Permanent Mission of the Republic of Sierra Leone to the United Nations is entrusted with the primary responsibility to advance, promote, and protect the best interest of Sierra Leone in the work of the organization and its specialized agencies primarily located in New York, and with member States of the United Nations.
The work of the Mission is driven by the foreign policy objectives of Sierra Leone as contained in the Constitution of the Republic Sierra Leone, Act No. 6 of 1991, as follows:

  1. the promotion and protection of the National interest;
  2. the promotion of sub-regional, regional and inter-African co-operation and unity;
  3. the promotion of international co-operation for the consolidation of international peace and security and mutual respect among all nations; and respect for their territorial integrity and independence;
  4. respect for international law and treaty obligations, as well as the seeking of settlement of international disputes by negotiation, conciliation, arbitration or adjudication.

Sierra Leone is committed to continued strengthening of multilateralism, equity and the maintenance of the rules-based international legal order in a reformed  United Nations.
Sierra Leone is convinced of the nexus between the maintenance of international peace and security and development, thereby integrating the fundamental purposes of th  United Nations, to maintain international peace and security, achieve international co-
operation for sustainable development, and the promotion and respect for human rights and fundamental freedoms.

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