Judge Miatta Maria Samba Elected President of ICC Trial Division

Judge Miatta Maria Samba of Sierra Leone has been elected by her peers as President of the Trial Division at the International Criminal Court (ICC). This significant appointment follows the recent election of the Court’s Presidency on March 11, 2015, and the subsequent assignment of judges to the three judicial Divisions.

On March 10, the six newly elected judges of the Court solemnly undertook their duties. According to article 39(1) of the Rome Statute, the assignment of judges to Divisions by the Presidency is meticulously based on the nature of functions to be performed by each Division and the qualifications and experience of the elected judges. This ensures that each Division comprises an appropriate blend of expertise in criminal law and procedure, as well as in international law.

Judge Samba’s presidency underscores Sierra Leone’s commitment to the rule of law and international justice. Her leadership will undoubtedly contribute to the Court’s pursuit of justice and accountability on the global stage.

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