Sierra Leone Calls for Urgent Ceasefire in Gaza Amidst Rising Tensions

n a powerful statement today, Sierra Leone’s Chief Minister, H.E. Dr. David Moinina Sengeh, addressed the United Nations Security Council, urging an immediate humanitarian ceasefire in Gaza. The minister expressed deep concern over the escalating violence, emphasizing the devastating impact on civilians and the urgent need for a comprehensive solution to the long-standing Middle East conflict.

Sierra Leone condemned the heinous attack on Israeli civilians by Hamas and called for accountability for all violations of international law. The Chief Minister highlighted the displacement of Palestinians and rejected any attempts to forcibly remove them from Gaza or the West Bank. Sierra Leone also called for diplomatic and political efforts to achieve a just and lasting solution based on the “two-state solution.”

The statement underscored Sierra Leone’s commitment to regional stability, global peace, and security, emphasizing the importance of exploring all avenues to resolve the conflict. As tensions rise in various parts of the region, the call for a ceasefire is becoming more critical than ever. The international community awaits further developments as efforts continue to find a path to peace.

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