Sierra Leone Urges Diplomatic Resolution Amidst Deteriorating Humanitarian Crisis in Ukraine

In a recent address to the United Nations Security Council, Sierra Leone has called for urgent diplomatic efforts to address the escalating humanitarian crisis in Ukraine. Sierra Leone expressed deep concern over the 23-month-long conflict, emphasizing the need for consistency in the application of the UN Charter and the principles of international law.

Sierra Leone underscored its commitment to the Charter of the United Nations, highlighting the severe consequences of the ongoing conflict, including massive civilian casualties, displacement of millions, and a dire humanitarian situation. The Security Council’s inability to act due to the use of the veto has raised questions about collective responsibility to maintain international peace and security.

Sierra Leone urged all parties to the conflict to avoid targeting civilians and essential services, emphasizing the protection of women and children as fundamental principles under international law. Sierra Leone further called for sustained international aid efforts to meet the basic needs of the affected population across Ukraine.

As the conflict persists, Sierra Leone emphasized the importance of political and diplomatic engagement to achieve lasting peace and sanity in the region. Sierra Leone reiterated its call for the full respect of Ukraine’s national sovereignty and territorial integrity and an immediate cessation of hostilities.

In conclusion, Sierra Leone emphasized the urgency of addressing the humanitarian crisis, defending the principles of the UN Charter, and maintaining equality, equity, and consistency in the application of international law.

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